En la realización de vídeo es imprescindible estar intercomunicados entre las personas que componen el equipo: realización, operadores de cámara, técnico de streamig, pantallas…, etc.

The most comfortable solution is a wireless intercom, because you avoid the cumbersome «cable runs» with its corresponding collection at the end of the event.

A wireless intercom can cost several thousand euros, to amortize it we will have to have a significant volume of business.


There are economical solutions to carry out communication between the team in any type of event.

The walkie talkie

It is a widely used solution with a reasonable cost. It depends on the type of devices, we have used a kit of Baofeng of 5 devices for less than € 60 and that work perfectly. The hardest part is finding the right headphones, especially in noisy environments.

One downside of this system is that it does not allow communication "at the same time", that is, when one speaks, the others can only listen. It really hasn't been a big problem.

Now comes the subject that this article has suggested.


Zello Walkie Talkie

It is simply an app that transforms our mobile into a real walkie-talkie. The only condition is that we must have Wi-Fi or data coverage on our mobile.
I am not going to elaborate much on its operation, you can see it on the page of Zello.

We have tested it with a group and it works perfectly. We can only test it "in real fire", in a realization. We would love for someone to share their experience with us.

Finally, I would highlight the possibility of being able to install the app on IOS, Android and on PC. In the pc you can configure any key to speak, either continuously or while the key is pressed. We can also communicate with the whole group individually.

Lo dicho, si tenéis experiencias con esta aplicación en realización audiovisual os agradecemos mucho que las compartáis.

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