Client: Burutü

Creative idea: Burutü – Bideon Producciones

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Queremos sumar. Y eso es lo que hicimos con este vídeo.  Nos lanzarón la idea de conjugar imágenes de un ciclista dirigiéndose a la meta con imágenes de las especialidades que se imparten en los centros de formación de Hetel.

At Bideon, we thought that as the cyclist advances towards his goal, the images had to have the same fluidity of movement and dynamism.

By opting for a video without voiceover or graphics, each shot had to explain by itself which specialties are taught, the media they have and the environment of the center. It was an interesting challenge that we welcomed with the desire to carry it out. We knew that in this video format the composition of the shots plays an essential role.

The result? We add and go further. We created a timeless piece that is currently one of the most viewed videos on your YouTube channel with over 7,800 views, many of the students who saw this video are now part of the Hetel student body. Goal accomplished!

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