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No cualquier vídeo, creamos la pieza audiovisual que tienes en la cabeza y si no se te ocurre nada, dejanos que te inundemos con nuestras ideas.

Are you looking for a video that fits your marketing strategy?

At Bideon we believe in the communication power of video, tell us your idea, what you want to highlight, what your target audience is, how far you want to go, we will advise you on choosing the video format that best suits you to achieve your final goal.

No sólo son vídeos, son grandes historias


As much as we like videos on their own, we know they have a role to play. We are not looking for pats on the back, we want results, we want your video to excite, to make people laugh, to make a difference. We want it to fit your online marketing strategy.

¿Por qué Bideon?

We have many years of experience behind us in creating audiovisual pieces such as; corporate videos, how to videos, product videos, videos for events ... But not everything is experience, we believe in creativity above all else, in the desire to work and create something new, in providing that differentiating note that makes your video stand out above the rest.

More than a video, a key piece in your marketing strategy.

Let's talk about the video format you need.

Corporate videos

The essential thing is that they reflect the personality of your brand and sell that project that is your company.

Can I tell you something else?

When you speak from the heart, you reach the heart. Let's talk about how to reach people's hearts through a corporate video. We like videos that show the soul of companies, we can see the data in an excel, but transmit your essence, the values that have made you grow, that's another thing, here there is no excel value, no text, no power Point presentation. This is where the power of a corporate video comes through.

Promotional Videos

Designed to launch a service, event or specific offers. Being direct is the key to being heard.

Any ideas

It is about being direct, knowing who you are talking to, guiding the style of the narrative and spreading it on social networks where we know they will listen to you.


Videos How to

This video format is a powerful tool to capture the attention of your audience.

Some brushstrokes on this format

This video format is one of the most used on the internet. Why?

Because you create useful content for your audience, you enhance your image as an expert in the sector, while you can show your products as a solution to a problem.

It is the star format to direct traffic from social networks to your website.


Product Videos

For them to buy you, you have to teach. Ask yourself if you would buy something without having seen it first.

We do not...

Now ask yourself how you want to show that product. It's about showing your virtues. The format is rather free, but the content has to provide useful information for its sale. Here the texts and infographics are an added value.

¿No sabes que formato elegir?

We believe that all video must obey a strategy to fulfill its objective, if you want, tell us which is yours and we will help you choose the format that best suits your Marketing strategy.

And if you still don't have it, we will create one that meets your goals.

Hola, me llamo June y voy a ser la persona que se encarge de tu proyecto.

Hello, my name is June and I will be the person in charge of your project.

Project Coordinator


You can call the office and ask for me, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

I am sure that we can achieve what you propose, go further with your video, increase visits to your website, get more sales thanks to our video marketing campaigns.

Tell me what you propose and I'll get to work.

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