When the music group General Lee He proposed us to make a video clip for his album "You Are Nobody". It gave us a "high". It was something we really wanted for several reasons, one of which was that it was a major creative challenge.

We spoke with Manu and Oscar so that they could explain to us the idea they had in mind and which was the song of the chosen album, and as we feared the chosen one was: «I have seen the terror». A song that we really like but that posed interesting challenges for us to create a story without falling down the steep slope of ridicule.

Gus (Gustavo Vigo) got down to work and immediately took charge of organizing everything into a great production effort. The key was to find the protagonist of the story, he could not be better than Natxo or known as Jhonny Beat Gun. 

They were three days of filming to remember. General Lee gave us some very funny moments and Gus was at all times aware of the smallest details.

We must also highlight the natural settings that we have such as Kobaron, and in another style, Zorrozaurre. We also have to thank Orks MC Euskadi that he left us his place to record and the great welcome they offered us. Another special mention for Xandra, despite being convalescent, she patiently suffered our demands for wardrobe and makeup. To finish I don't want to forget about the group The Dukes RC who were the ones who provided us with those incredible vehicles for the recording as well as the appearance in some scenes as extras.

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